Updates from DB3

A lot has happened in the last month or so since the new DB3 website has been online. We took a break from playing to finish a lot of loose ends. Rich Chycki was busy mixing a lot of things for Rush, and when he finally finished, our album was next. In some cases Rich did multiple mixes of each tune to get it right, and each time we received the mixes we were all blown away! Rich also did a fantastic job mastering!

We got all the text together, running song order and thank you’s, as well as the photos and album design. Many thanks to Paul Reid of HotHouse Inc. Paul also recently produced a video for the first song on the album called Dive. It was shot in a beautiful house in Cambridge, Ontario. Thanks to Danielle Benning and Martin Rawlinson for their hospitality.

Our good friend Kenny Bayls created an album trailer that is now available on YouTube, it features his original footage of the sun that he shot while in his home country of Iceland. It features the third part of Great Eastern Sun, the last song on the record, and a bit of an epic with all of Alex Lifeson’s arrangement ideas and Rich’s over the top production skills!

We’ve been getting some great help from d’Addario Canada, Mack amps, and Pigtronix Futuristic Technology with promotional ideas for both their products and DB3. I’ll be using another entirely new guitar rig featuring most of the Pigtronix line up of effects and two or three Mack amps. It sounded killer in rehearsal last week, where we’ve started again trying to learn and reproduce what we’ve recorded.

Believe it or not we have another albums worth of material written, arranged and ready to go! But first things first, we’re gearing up to talk with the music industry and play our first cd release party in the new year. This fall we have a fundraiser to play for BILD/Habitat For Humanity, and another live performance at the new Google Offices in Toronto, where we’ll have some more news to announce!

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