NEWS: David Barrett Evolves Trio with new line up, collaboration with Michael Sadler from Saga and Rush Producer Terry Brown

Toronto, Canada September 10, 2016
For Immediate Release

On first glance, one might think globally recognized virtuoso guitarist and instrumental progressive rock composer David Barrett had disappeared from the Limelight on some kind of compositional vision quest. You’d be, in part, correct, but there is so much more exciting news to report.

Hardcore fans of the trio have been wildly speculating around a new direction, awaiting news of the reimagining of the DB3 concept. Barrett announced in social media a few months ago that after two successful albums produced with Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson and a stunning live DVD, he was shuffling 
 the line up of his power trio, with two new members on bass and batteria – Andy Narsingh and 

Dave Langguth. He also announced that he had solidified a collaborating partnership with legendary 
 Saga frontman and scribe, Michael Sadler.

The already prolific Barrett has been writing with renewed fervour, and with his new band, he’s recording and forging a tough, hyper-kinetic new musical vision. Early demos caught the attention of legendary Rush producer Terry Brown, who has come aboard to hone and take the potent new sound to “11” .

Their first new single “Gone Tomorrow” featuring Michael Sadler on vocals, is set for launch on October 4, 2016, with more work and announcements of a potential voyage across the sea to European stages being plotted for 2017.