Faces In The Stones White Vinyl!

The vinyl arrived today and as Jimmy Page says, “It’s the best format…” – I’m delighted with how it looks and sounds, can’t wait to see everyone at the listening party, I’ll announce the date and venue soon, thanks again everyone for your generous support! 💀


Thanks to everyone that contributed to our GoFundMe Campaign for Faces In The Stones (white vinyl!) We’ll leave the GoFundMe page up until the record is available this spring so anyone who’d still like to contribute can do so – thank you!


We’re about to reach a total of 250 live broadcasts since the pandemic began! Initially I started broadcasting on Facebook Live, but after 82 episodes we took it to the David Barrett Trio YouTube Channel where I play every Wednesday and Friday at 8PM EST and Sunday at 12PM EST, reserving Facebook Live only for … Read moreYouTube!

DB3 Broadcaster Released Today!

Broadcaster is released digitally everywhere today. It’s a very special record featuring material from my early sound on sound recordings, lost Crucial Taunt and Trouble In Mind tunes, some ambitious new compositions, and a few iconic songs in Public Domain. Thanks to Terry Brown and Scott Matthews for their amazing creativity, endless enthusiasm, and friendship. … Read moreDB3 Broadcaster Released Today!