Here’s what I’m up to right now:

DB3 has just launched our 2024 GoFundMe Campaign for a vinyl run of the 2021 release Broadcaster, we’ll also record a live album for digital download and streaming. To find out more and how to be a part of it, please click here at DB3 GoFundMe 2024

We’re at over 500 live episodes on YouTube (over 600 if you count Facebook Live!), every Wednesday and Friday at 8PM EDT and Sunday at 12PM EDT – you can tune in to listen and chat here at The David Barrett Trio YouTube Channel

We’ve have just produced a series of fun live off the floor videos calling it The Tiny Basement Jam, Stephen Parry produced the videos and Terry Brown mixed the audio, they’re posted here: DB3 YouTube Playlist

Over the last year I’ve been recording with the amazing Canadian prog duo Crown Lands it’s super indulgent, instrumental prog with Terry Brown overseeing the production, slated for release sometime in 2025!

Thanks for taking the time to explore the website!