DB3 News for 2013

I spent new years up at Ravenswood, the location of our yearly guitar summit. After a great New Years Eve celebration Paul Reid and I put together an instructional video for Pigtronix Futuristic Technology, detailing the contents of my pedal board and the way in which I like to use their over the top guitar effects.

Speaking of videos, our video for Great Eastern Sun was finished around the same time, it initially started as a trailer for the new album featuring part 3, but Kenny Balys was good enough to finish the video before he left for his home country of Iceland, where he shot all the stunning outdoor imagery.

And it was back to Ravenswood in Bobcaygeon in early February for the sold out guitar summit which had about a dozen guitar players attending DB guitar workshops, a Saturday night concert with DB3 (with full 24 track HD recording), and some awesome late night acoustic jams. Other highlights were my brother Stephen’s Jim Beam ribs and wine tasting, Paul Ried’s photography hike, and Sascha Gatien masterful cooking! We’ll do it again next year!

After the guitar summit DB3 hung around and shot a new video for Disappearance with Paul Reid again taking over the production duties. It was great fun shooting outside in the great white north!

When we returned to Toronto the next day we found ourselves at BAHM studios recording Saga vocalist Michael Sadler. Michael offered to sing on a DB3 track a few months ago, and we put together a special tune for him called Coppermine, a tune that Michael loved, and he nailed it, it’ll be on DB32.

We have a listening party for the DB3 album at The Orbit Room in Toronto, we’ll hang out and play the entire new album in an intimate setting. Everyone is invited Tuesday February 26th at 7:00pm! And we won’t be playing live until the album release party which is at The Mod Club Thursday April 18th, we have some special things planned, details coming soon!

Our debut album will be released digitally everywhere on Anamnesis Records February 26th, and physical cds will be available at all DB3 events and at our website davidbarretttrio.com!

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