David Barrett Trio Vinyl coming soon!

I had the very fortunate experience of having my guitar hero produce one of my albums. Initially, I thought when Alex Lifeson offered to produce my next recording it would be just a simple understated guitar record, but he persuaded me to use a trio to develop the instrumentals on a much larger scale. We ended up making an epic progressive rock album, that featured not only Alex producing, but we managed to get Alan Parsons, and Richard Chycki on board too. It truly was a life changing opportunity that lead to many careers highlights for me, such as being featured in Guitar Player Magazine, having my own signature guitar amp, and being able to conduct guitar retreats in Canada, and more recently Mexico.

In 2010, I worked so hard writing, and recording demoes for over three dozen songs, we then picked the best eleven, and brought in bassist Jason Farrar, and drummer Alexander “Sascha” Tukatsch to perfect the arrangements, and eventually record in Alex’s personal studio, Noble Street Studios, and Richard Chycki’s home studio. Paul Reid became an invaluable 4th member by creating photographs, logos, and videos for the trio, and even lyrics for our one vocal tune Belmonte.

Now, in 2018 with the resurgence of vinyl, and my personal renewed interest in all things analog, I thought why not release the first David Barrett Trio album on LP!? The idea of having the album in vinyl format, complete with the beautiful artwork is something I’ve always wanted to do, and I know from talking with many of the music fans out there, they also think it’s a great idea. So here goes another DB3 GoFundMe Campaign designed to bring a tangible, real album that spins at 33 1/3! Thanks to all our crowdfunders for making this possible, I can’t wait to give it a spin on my vintage JVC!

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