Leviathan 2000-2002

Leviathan 2000-2002 is a compilation of my early digital recordings from 2000-2002 using a BOSS BR-8 recorder, carefully mastered by Kevin Comeau using EQ, compression and some fancy tape saturation plug-ins, we had a blast doing it and it really takes me back to a different era of shoegaze, multi-layered echo drenched electric guitars. It’s … Read moreLeviathan 2000-2002


Leviathan 2000-2002 is a monstrous 20 song collection from the depths of my digital archives of unreleased material. Kevin Comeau did a truly amazing mastering job adding warmth and weight to the sometimes crunchy and brittle tones of early digital technology, and my brother Stephen Barrett did this extremely cool painting that inspired the name … Read moreLeviathan

Cero Video!

Here’s our little rocker called Cero, the second David Barrett Trio video from our Tiny Basement Jam – music recorded by Paul DeLong and mixed by Terry Brown, video produced by Stephen Parry, have a listen!

Tiny Basement Jam!

We’ve shot a series of live performance videos of tunes from our new album Infinito! The audio was recorded by Paul DeLong and mixed by Terry Brown, and the video was produced by Stephen Parry – we had a lot of fun doing it, here’s the first one: Cuatro!

My Dad’s Tapes

My Dad’s Tapes, a new documentary by filmmaker Kurtis Watson features Open Space from Broadcaster for the closing credits. Open Space was originally written and recorded in 1980, this updated version was produced by Terry Brown and orchestrated by Scott Matthews. The film deals with some heavy subject matter and is  premiering at Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema … Read moreMy Dad’s Tapes